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Karina Gonzalez
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My husband and I have been married 23 years and we have seven children and two grandchildren. My family and I moved to Florida in January of 2020, right before the pandemic, from Gillette, WY, where we lived for the last 10 years. Prior to that we lived in Denver, CO for ten years.


My husband was the director of Hispanic Ministry at St. Matthew Catholic Church in Gillette and I worked with him as a volunteer. I was also the Hispanic Choir Director and the Hispanic Formation Director there. We did a lot of different activities like concerts and workshops, and before that we were at a parish in Denver for 10 years doing the same work as volunteers. That’s what got us in ministries in different places including Arizona, Montana and South Carolina. My church ministry background has been for the last 22 years, and I’ve done lot of different types of ministry volunteering and youth activities.


I came to St. Cecelia three years ago to volunteer in the Hispanic Community. I was invited to sing and give a talk, and fell in love with this parish. When we decided to leave Gillette, we chose Clearwater because when I was young I lived in Indiantown, Florida, so I feel I have a history here. I’ve been volunteering at St. Cecelia for more than a year during the Thursday ministry with Fr. Carlos, and also singing here with the choir for about eight months.


I like singing, I play the guitar, I like drawing, I love taking my kids to the beach and to the pool.


My plan for our Youth Ministry is to become familiar with parish families and help this ministry grow, and bring people to know God. I want kids to find a safe place, a loving place, a place that they want to be at where they enjoy church and their time at St. Cecelia. I want to delete the thought or feeling of “I have to go to church”, and turn that around so they can grow in their hearts their need to be at church, and that they yearn for that time with God.

Welcome, Karina!


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We are always looking for new CORE Members to join our family.  If you are 19 or older and out of high school, Confirmed Catholic, and practicing your faith then you could possibly join us.  

Please contact Beth Barringer, Director of Faith Formation, for more information


For the safety and protection of your children, all our adult volunteers go through a rigorous application process before they can become a member of this team, including a Level 2 Federal Background Check, a Safe Environment Course, Applications, interviews, and Quarterly Self, Peer and Supervisor Evaluations.


We assure you that the safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us here at St. Cecelia in the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg.

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