What it means to be redeemed

A life of faith in Jesus Christ is truly a journey. We can grow each and every day in our quest for spirituality by listening to the words of Christ and growing in His divine love.

This may sound easy, but it can also be a real challenge.

Jesus is the Son of God, but He was also a human being like each and every one of us. His words not only lead us to Eternal Life, but help us to live in this world each and every day.

So what must we do? We pray, we take time to be calm and present with Jesus and then we resolve to be a better example to everyone of His love and goodness. This is what it means to be redeemed!

May we all grow together in faith and devotion as we strive to be faithful to the love that Jesus Christ has given us.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

Fr. Robert J. Schneider


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