The Real Meaning of the Season

John the Baptist is a central figure to consider in the Season of Advent. He is, we say, the last of the Prophets and the first person to point out Jesus Christ to others.

John is a bold prophet who makes his presence known. But he does this only to be obedient to God’s call and to lead others to a true faith in Jesus.

This truth is, we can do the same thing. We are also called to be prophetic in our own time. We are called to defend life, work for peace and justice and to point out boldly the presence of Jesus Christ in our world today,.

During this Advent Season, we are welcoming nominations for members of our Parish Pastoral Council. We usually do this during Lent, but because of the pandemic, we could not do so.

Nomination forms are available at this time in the parish office or by calling Ana Jahuey at

727-447-3494 ext. 129. We will have a discernment process in January to select new members.

As we continue to prepare for Christmas, let’s not forget the real meaning of the season….God became one of us and dwelt among us…and still does today!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

Fr. Bob Schneider, Pastor

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