Respect Life Sunday

October 3-4 is Respect Life Sunday weekend.

We think of our Church’s faith commitment to the dignity and value of human life from “natural beginning to natural end”.

We want to continue especially for an end to abortion, euthanasia, unjust warfare and capital punishment, which all have been identified by our faith community as threats to the dignity of human life.

We know and believe that life is truly a gift from God. Jesus valued every person to whom he ministered in his lifetime. He ultimately gave his life so that the reality of the Resurrection could be ours. As Jesus valued each person, we too want to reflect that approach in all that we say and do.

My thanks to everyone in St. Cecelia Parish who work so hard to promote the ministry of Respect Life. It is so important that our society and world know our stance for it is truly God’s way in our world!

So many people have continued to be generous in their support of our parish in this difficult time of pandemic. The Faith, Hope and Courage campaign is enabling this to happen. This support is so appreciated and needed at this time!

May our respect for the sanctity of all human life inspire us to work to make our communities, nation and world a just and loving place for all!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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