Give of Ourselves in Jesus' Name

The word “sacrifice” has a very special meaning. It comes to us from Latin and it means “making something holy”.

When we sacrifice of ourselves for others or for a good cause, we are recognizing the holiness that is around us and how we want to generously make our world a more “sacred” place.

Our support of the Faith, Hope and Courage outreach that we are now engaged in is a good example of this. Our self-sacrifice will benefit our parish community and all of the ministries that we advance.

Again, my thanks to everyone for your support and help in this effort.

The ultimate self-sacrifice, we know, was when Jesus gave His life for us on the Cross. And because of what He did, the promise of His Resurrection is also ours! Let’s never forget this reality as we continue to give of ourselves in Jesus’ name, for the sake of all!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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