Faith, Hope and Courage

Because August 15 falls on a Saturday this year, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary is not a formal Holy Day. Yet we remember the truth of our faith, that Mary, the Mother of God, is now in eternal life in heaven in a very special way. Her love for her son Jesus is an example of devotion for all of us!

This weekend, we are also initiating an outreach under the protection of the Virgin Mary. Faith, Hope and Courage is its name. We are reaching out to all parish members in this time of pandemic to do what we can to help support our parish community here at St. Cecelia’s.

There is information available on our website and in the mail regarding this important effort. We know that many people are very challenged at this time, but if it is at all possible, please continue to be generous to our parish. The financial support we have received over these past months is very much appreciated. Let’s continue to work together as a parish family to support our ministries and outreach here in this parish!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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