Everyone is Called to Goodness

It only takes a little bit of faith in God to really make a difference!

When we think that it only takes a little yeast to make a loaf of bread be what it should be, what a wonderful image and example this is. Grace, we believe, enters our souls in Baptism. We carry that Grace with us throughout our lives. Just to be aware of it and to let it manifest itself in all that we do is at the center of the spiritual life.

Everyone is called to goodness. When I think of all the good efforts we make here at St. Cecelia Parish to serve others and to recognize the dignity of human beings, we can know that we are doing the work we should be doing as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Even in this difficult time of pandemic, let us never be discouraged, but encouraged to do what is required!

And let us continue to pray for one another

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