Share our Time, Talent and Treasure

This is Stewardship Sunday weekend. We call to mind how we are all called upon to share our time, talent and treasure with our faith community as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

We are being challenged to “courageously live the Gospel”. May our generosity make us true stewards of all that we have and are in the name of our Savior.

My thanks to all who will make our parish picnic such a success this weekend. It is truly a sign of how we share so well with one another as members of St. Cecelia Parish. As we grow in our commitment to community, we also grow in our own personal faith lives as disciples.

My thanks also to all those who have supported the Annual Pastoral Appeal for our diocese. This is how we support the work of the wider church, in important ministries, that no one parish can do alone. If you have not yet pledged, please give it your prayerful consideration as we work to meet our annual appeal goal this year.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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