The Real Meaning of Love

Love is a word and term that can be difficult to understand. We can love our family, love our country and love ice cream as well. There are certainly different degrees of love and devotion!

Jesus encourages his followers to love God, to love ourselves and to love our neighbors. Perhaps, the central idea of that invitation is the idea of healthy “self-love”.

Love of God and neighbor is the hallmark of the Christian way of living, but if we don’t first love ourselves in a healthy manner, it’s difficult to love God and others. Do we take care of ourselves? Do we provide ourselves with time for opportunities to grow and learn? Do we measure our lives in the commitment to others that we have, or do we look only at the money we make or the esteem we achieve?

Let’s pray that the real meaning of love can be a reality for all of us. As we “courageously live the Gospel”, may we grow in grace to always serve both God and neighbor.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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