Work Toward Sainthood Together

Jesus inspired faith in his disciples. They lived by the message that he preached and they have passed on that way of life to us. Jesus put His words into action, even by dying for our sins and rising to new life. We can inspire faith in others by also being self-sacrificial and living for the sake of others around us in true charity.

One of the responsibilities I have in the diocese is to be the Director of our Ecumenical Office. This Sunday is Reformation Sunday. We call to mind how we want to be one with all of those who profess the Christian faith. We pray for all believers. We want to “courageously live the Gospel”, as we learn about every faith community and how we can work better for unity and understanding. Jesus loved everyone and reached out to everyone. We want to have that same positive viewpoint as we experience our world today.

Let’s pray for Christian Unity and for cooperation between all faiths that we may work for the common good of all people. This Friday, November 1, is the Feast of All Saints. Let’s work toward sainthood together as people of faith.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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