Respect Life Month

The month of October is designated annually as “Respect Life Month”. We, as followers of Jesus Christ, attest to the belief that all human life is sacred and should be respected from our natural beginning to natural end.

We know how difficult a position this can be in our society today. We can often see a disrespect for human life in many ways. People need always to be treated with dignity and respect, whatever their situation might be.

We want to recognize so many people in our parish and in our diocese who are working on being a sign of respect for all human life. As we are “courageously living the Gospel” we know that the “Gospel of Life” must be proclaimed boldly. Jesus, in his ministry, respected the dignity of every human person that he encountered. We strive to imitate that example and do the same.

May God continue to strengthen our efforts to be heralds for life in our world.

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