The Baptism of the Lord

The Baptism of Jesus is one of the most significant events in the scriptures. Jesus is recognized by John the Baptist, his cousin, as being someone very special. To emphasize this, John baptizes Jesus in the Jordon River. Immediately, it becomes obvious that John was absolutely right. Jesus is recognized as the divine Son of God and we are all encouraged to listen to Him.

This is a life-long process, isn’t it? We daily try to listen to the words of Jesus as His faithful disciples. When we do so, we grow in grace and in courage to do what is right. This is how we truly can be courageously living the Gospel!

Our thanks to so many people who were so generous and helpful to us over the Christmas Season. So many kind cards and gifts were received by our clergy and staff. May God bless you for your generosity also to our parish and the outreach ministries of this community!

As we focus on the Baptism of Jesus, we also remember our own baptism and how through that sacrament we are called to lives of service and goodness in the name of Christ.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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