Reach Out for Holiness

The Feast of All Saints was celebrated on November 1. Jesus teaches us that we are all called to be saints! Sometimes we can doubt this. We aren’t asked to be THAT holy! Only special people, we think, can truly be saints!

The Feast of All Saints teaches us something very different.

God calls “ordinary” people to strive to be extraordinary. We all have opportunities each and every day to reach out for holiness. When we show kindness to others, when we are honest, when we are patient . . . we are getting the idea!

This week American citizens will have the opportunity to vote. It is our chance, whatever our views or party, to show our commitment to our country and to our citizenship. Please, if you are a registered voter, take advantage of this way of making your voice heard.

We are here in this parish to encourage and strengthen one another. May our community of faith always call us forward to sainthood as we work together as the Body of Christ.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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