All Saints and All Souls

Love is a word and term that can be difficult to understand. We can love our family, love our country and love an ice cream cone as well. There are obviously different degrees of love and devotion!

On Thursday and Friday of this week, we will be observing All Saints Day and All Souls Day. We think of those who have gone before us and have shown us the ways of faith.

Love of God and neighbor is a hallmark of the Christian way of living. We strive to be saints. Our love for ice cream might be just a passing emotion. Our love for God and for the important things in life must always take priority!

Do we take care of our health? Do we provide ourselves time to learn and to grow? Do we measure our lives in our commitment to others and not just in the money we make or the esteem we achieve?

Our diocesan outreach called “Courageously Living the Gospel” encourages us to be true “intentional disciples”. Let’s grow in that grace and always look for ways to serve God and our neighbor!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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