God's will be done

We are all familiar with the beautiful prayer that we call the “Our Father.” Sometimes it is also referred to as the “Lord’s Prayer.” We believe that this prayer comes to us directly from Jesus. As He taught His disciples how to pray, He also has taught us.

In this prayer, we praise God, ask for help and forgiveness and then do something that is very challenging . . . we ask that God’s Will be done. What does this mean?

It is so easy for us to recite this prayer without thinking about it much. By promising, though, to seek God’s will and then put it into action in our lives, we are taking a real step of faith. How often when we make decisions or look for direction in life do we truly take this into account? The question always has to be, what is it that God wants me to do in this particular situation?

As we continue our Diocese of St. Petersburg outreach called “Courageously Living the Gospel”, let’s resolve to be “intentional disciples” each time we pray the “Our Father.”

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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