Learn and Grow in Faith

In a special way, we are praying for all of our students who are returning to school for the new school year this week. They have had a good time on vacation, but now it is time to “get back to work” and make this new school year a very successful one. May they grow closer to Christ as they learn about the world and their faith in the upcoming year. For the students in our Catholic schools, those in our public schools and those who are “home-schooled”, the opportunity to grow in the Catholic Faith is always available here at St. Cecelia Parish. Let’s make sure that all of our young people are given the opportunity to learn and grow in their faith in the upcoming year!

It is most important that we participate in the weekend Celebration of the Eucharist; that can bring us all closer to Christ. That’s why we’re here on the weekend, to draw closer to Jesus and to know better his love for us. St. Cecelia Parish provides so many ways for us to have a more powerful and personal experience of the Lord. Let’s make sure we are aware of these ways and that we take advantage of every opportunity to know Christ better. We especially encourage our young people to be involved in Religious Education and Youth Ministry!!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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