Experience the Love of Jesus

A parish community is a place where many people come together to grow in faith. Sometimes this is quite harmonious and sometimes we can encounter difficulties. But working and praying together, people of faith can move forward in important ways. The many ministries and organizations of St. Cecelia Parish are a good example. We have a rich spiritual heritage here. Let’s continue to work and pray together in the name of Jesus, as a vibrant and purposeful community of faith.

This week, we will be beginning our Vacation Bible School (VBS). We invite young people in the parish to come for a very special experience of the love of Jesus during this summertime. We pray for all the catechists and leaders who are involved. May Jesus bless this special ministry in our parish!

Jesus assures us that we can overcome any obstacle to faith and that God truly knows what is in our hearts!

Thank you to all for your financial generosity over these summer months. It is truly appreciated an blessed by God!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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