Renewed in Every Way

Summer is a great time for vacations. It is also a time in which we can reconnect with friends and family in so many ways. We pray for all those who are on vacation at this time. May they be renewed in every way.

Like the Apostles in today’s Gospel, all of us are sent forth to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. That’s where the term “Gospel” comes from. It is Old English for Good News! How can we be kinder and more loving towards others in the name of Jesus Christ? This is our challenge and mission.

As we move forward this month, let’s think of the many ways we are sharing the love of Jesus with others and how we have received that love from others as well. When we see ourselves as “missionary disciples”, we make Jesus come to life and we are all renewed in our faith.

May this time of vacation, also be a time of reflection and growth in our love for Christ!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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