Joining Together in Worship and Praise

The need for us to be part of a believing community of faith is so important. We know that our faith in Christ is not just a personal spiritual experience. We are all part of a larger community that is based upon our common love of God in Jesus Christ. It is the Holy Spirit that unites us and makes us know the profound power and love of God that is so transformational.

Sometimes we can forget our need for community. Sometimes we can be people of faith who can be a bit disconnected from the wider church. Whenever we gather together, especially for a weekend Mass, we can know and experience the need that we have for one another. It is good that we are here and that we are joining together in worship and praise. May our commitment to our parish and the greater community of our faith always be an encouragement to us to follow Christ more closely!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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