Perhaps that person is us!

One of the most interesting and dramatic events in the history of our faith, is the conversion and call of St. Paul the Apostle. As Saul, he persecuted the early church. He saw them as heretics and to be dangerous to the right order of society.

But then Saul encountered the Risen Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus and everything changed for him. He came to know the Risen Lord personally. Then he began a life of preaching, teaching and writing, that has an effect on us even today!

We, too, can encounter the Risen Lord in powerful ways. We all know people who at one time or other in their lives didn’t take faith very seriously. Then something happens. They meet another person of faith, they have to turn to God in a particular difficulty, or somehow their hearts are just touched by God’s Love in Christ, and they are transformed. Perhaps that person is us! Like St. Paul, we are constantly in need of conversion and of strengthening our faith. That way, when the difficult times come, we are ready, and we can remember the encounter with Christ that changed everything.

Let’s work so that we can be that positive sign of the Love of Christ in the lives of others. We can be a part of that conversion experience, when we bring the light and love of Jesus to those around us.

Congratulations to all of our young people who received their First Holy Communion this weekend! That is a sacramental encounter with Jesus that transforms us in so many ways!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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