Jesus is the Cornerstone

Whenever a new building is constructed, especially a building of importance like a courthouse or church, the tradition is to have a cornerstone. It identifies the building, tells us when it was built and why it is significant. When we think of Jesus as being the Cornerstone of the edifice of the Church, it’s the same idea. We are built upon all that he taught and did. Our faith is especially built upon the reality of the Resurrection which we are celebrating in this Season of Easter.

Jesus as the Cornerstone identifies us as disciples, calls us at the time of baptism and gives our lives true significance. No matter what happens to us or what we do, we can have the assurance of our place and purpose in life in Christ. We are His building, firmly planted upon the foundation of faith!

In this Easter Season then, let’s reflect on how significant the Risen Lord truly is in our lives. The promise of Eternal Life is what can motivate us to do our very best to live for Him in this world. Jesus is the cornerstone, we are the building. May we stand firm upon this foundation of faith always.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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