Fr. Bob's Blog: The Treasure of Our Faith

I remember as a child going on a treasure hunt! All the young people were given clues as to where the treasure might be and it was great fun to try to figure it all out!

The great thing about a treasure hunt is that when people work together, trying to figure out the clues, the treasure can be found all the easier! Some people may try to find the treasure on their own, but the idea is to work as one. The treasure hunt was intended to teach us young people how to better cooperate.

This same is true, Jesus reminds us today in the Gospel, regarding the treasure of our Faith. We, as a community, work together to discover the many treasures that God has in store for all of us. When we see the value of each human person, when we know the love of God's grace in our hearts and when we seriously try to live by the words of Jesus, we will discover those treasures over and over again.

Let us all continue to work together, especially here at St. Cecelia Parish, to find every treasure that God has in store for us!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

Fr. Robert J. Schneider


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