The Sower and The Seed

Summer is a great time for vacations. It is also a time in which we can reconnect with friends and family in so many ways. We pray for all those who are on vacation at this time. May they be renewed in every way.

We see Jesus in the Gospel this weekend, presenting a well known parable about the sower and the seed. When we think of the word "broadcast", in our modern world, we think of radio or television signals being sent out. In the advent of cable, however, that reality is a bit different than it used to be. But the actual word "broadcast" means to cast seeds upon the ground in hopes of a good crop.

That is exactly what we do in ministry in our church. We are constantly broadcasting the seed of the Word of God, hoping that it will come to rest in the hearts of all. And we too, are recipients of the efforts of others to share the Word of God with us!

As we move forward this month, let's think of the many ways we are sharing the love of Jesus with others and how we have received that love from others as well. When we make the parables of Jesus come to life, we are all renewed in our faith!

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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