We are the staff family that serves the

community of St. Cecelia.

We are here to serve you, and journey with you in discipleship. Please feel free to call us at 727-447-3494.

Meet our amazing clergy.

Fr. Robert Schneider

It is with great joy that I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as  pastor of St. Cecelia. My hope is that we will continue to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to our community, as we grow in God's grace together. 

Fr. Brad Reed
Parochial Vicar

It is a blessing to be a part of such

a vibrant and growing Catholic Church,

as we share our faith together

and in our relationship with

our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is easy to see the energy and enthusiasm for the Holy Spirit in this vibrant parish! In the days ahead, I welcome getting to know you all and sharing the love of Our Lord as a parish family. May our faith be renewed and strengthened as we worship together, and let us also pray for one another. 


Please call on me any time if you have questions or would like to say "Hello" in person. 

I was born and raised in St. Pete, and attended St. Paul’s Catholic School and St. Pete High School.  I attended Seton Hall University, where I began to discern a call to the priesthood. I completed seminary studies and was ordained a priest in May of 2016.  I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful parish family.   Call me at 727-447-3494 ext. 117.

Fr. Carlos Rojas
Parochial Vicar

Father Carlos Rojas was born in Boston, Massachusetts, raised in Puerto Rico, and at age 15, migrated with his family to Tampa. Father Rojas was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of St. Petersburg on May 20, 2006.

He is a certified Spiritual and Retreat  Director from the Institute of Priestly Formation from Creighton University. He considers himself a Marian Diocesan Priest with the mission of raising children into Christ Jesus in partnership with Mary, in the spirit of St. Joseph, chaste spouse of Mary. We are blessed to have Fr. Carlos join our parish family!

Deacon John Ustick
I am blessed to be given such an amazing As a Deacon, I am trying to emulate the servant attitude of the seven men described by Saint Luke in the 6th Chapter of the Book of Acts. These men were chosen by the Apostoles to serve the community. To be called to a life of service as those first Deacons is a great blessing and to be called to serve the wonderful people of St. Cecelia’s is a double blessing. 

I am impressed by the faith of the people of St. Cecelia. I am very blessed to be part of the family of this beautiful Parish.  I realize almost every time I serve that I still have so much more to learn.  I promise you that I will pray everyday for my family here at St. Cecelia.  Please don’t hesitate to call me, my phone number is (727) 480-7998. God Bless, Deacon John

Deacon Wil Huertas

The Lord has been good and His love never fails, and I am so thankful to Him for this journey. As a newly ordained deacon, my intent is to use these gifts to reach many in our parish community. The work of a deacon is one area of service in church that is really blessed, because it involves serving, and I look forward to taking on this new role of service to God.

As I start this chapter of assisting our community in a different way, I pray for the wisdom and knowledge to execute my new responsibility according to the purpose of God. With the love of our Lord, I am humbled to share with you the utmost wishes for the goodness of the Lord to be with you always. Please let me know how I can serve you by contacting me in the parish office at 727-447-3494.

Deacon John Schaefer

As prior long term (over 30 years) parishioners of St Cecelia parish, my wife Joyce and I are excited to be back. I first became interested in the Diaconate after observing Deacons during Masses at St. Cecelia. I listened to their homilies and heard of their ministries. This drew me to discern whether the Lord was calling me and my family to Diaconal service. Since becoming ordained a permanent Deacon in October 2017 I have been assigned to Blessed Trinity in St Petersburg and involved with the usual parish ministries, and also healing masses and jail and handicapped ministries. Both Joyce and I attended the Spiritual Direction school at the House of Prayer in Clearwater. Being retired now for two years it is easier to carve out the time to serve where needed.  We look forward to working with Fr. Bob, the clergy and staff at St. Cecelia, and with the members of our community, to meet the needs of the parish and the needs of whoever God leads us to.

Meet our front office folks.

Yolanda Moreno
Director of
Hispanic Ministry
It is a great blessing to have served in this ministry since 1995. We invite you to register and participate in some of the ministries: Holy Eucharist, Readers, Acolytes, Music (choir).

I look forward to assisting you with information regarding Baptisms, Marriage, Quincinera or Anniversaries.

Please call me at (727) 449-2839.

Ramon Jacobe
Posting / Offertory

I am a life-long St. Cecelia parishioner, and feel very much at home here.

Laura Clark
Administrative Assistant

It is truly a blessing to be part

of this loving parish since 1993.

If you haven't visited our beautiful community, please come by and

let us welcome you to St. Cecelia.

Being a part of the St. Cecelia family has been a blessing in my life.

I enjoy my work and even more so, belonging to a very special faith community.

It is my privilege to serve our parish in many different ways; parishioner needs, scheduling weddings, coordianting our social media, creating and editing our bulletin, member registration, facilitating groups and events, providing sacramental certificates and more. God bless you today and every day. Call me at 727-447-3494 ext. 111.

Danielle Albano
Administrative Assistant

St Cecelia has been my parish home for 14 years. In that time I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the parishioners.

Ana Jahuey

Ana and her family have been parishioners of St. Cecelia for many years. She is active in our V Encuentro ministry and Hispanic Community as well.

Call me at 727-447-3494 ext. 128.

Meet our Parish Manager

Deacon Wil Huertas
Parish Manager

Welcome to Saint Cecelia Catholic Church! As your parish manager, my mission is to serve the parish and communities by managing and facilitating all the needs of the church. 

We are so blessed to have members of staff, clergy, and volunteers giving their hearts every day to serve in their ministries throughout the year. We cannot forget how wonderful it is to be Catholic, especially when attending Mass and being part of our sacramental life commitment with our family and friends to our Lord Jesus.


Here at Saint Cecelia, we replaced the word “Job” with “Ministry”

a long time ago. Our love to serve in our ministries begins with hospitality and a smile.


If you are interested in being a part of our stewardship ministry

(treasure, time and talent) as a volunteer, come and visit

or call us at the parish office at 727-447-3494.


Once again, welcome to our parish.  

Meet the people who help us worship.

Debbie Renfroe
Director of Music Ministry & Organist

I am blessed and especially thrilled to be coming back home to St. Cecelia Church as Director of Music Ministry, coordinating and leading the music for Masses and other special liturgies.

 “I am the coordinator of the members of the Music Ministry and all aspects of the parish music including vocal ensembles, Chancel Choir, cantors, and instrumentalists. 


I am the principal musician for most parish liturgies including Weddings, Funerals, Quinceañeras, First Communion, penance services and other liturgical celebrations. St. Cecelia’s Ministry of Music is always striving to invite and welcome more members to our musical family. If you are interested in joining any of our ensembles, or have qustions, please contact me at (727) 447-3494.

Laura Askins
Director of Pastoral Ministry and Sacristan


St. Cecelia Church has been my parish home for 30 years. My children have all grown up in this parish, and I am blessed to call this beautiful church home. 

As Director of Pastoral Ministry, I oversee our homebound ministry, monthly healing Mass and funerals. I am also the Sacristan Coordinator in charge of training volunteer sacristans, church extraordinary ministers and altar servers. I purchase supplies for Mass and help keep our beautiful church and sacristy organized and clean.


I am always looking for volunteers. “Many hands make light work,” as the saying goes, so please contact me and we can discuss what ministry would be a good fit for you.  Thank you and have a blessed day!

Contact me in the office at 727-447-3494 ext. 123.

Meet the people who teach our youth.

Beth Barringer
Director of Faith Formation

It brings me such joy to serve not only the children but all of the families of St. Cecelia as the Director of Faith Formation. 

Jasmine Pujol
Youth Minister

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve all the youth and their parents here at St. Cecelias. 

I love to learn and continually grow in my faith. My goal is to educate the children of the parish to help them develop a lifelong love of Christ and passion for learning more about their faith.  Equally important is a thriving community of adults growing in their faith as well.


For information about Elementary Religious Education classes (registering your child or volunteering your time to serve as a catechist),

First Communion preparation, or more information on how you or your family can continue to grow in your faith.

Contact me in the parish office at 727-447-3494 ext. 121.

After serving with National Evangelization Teams (NET) for 9 months, I found comfort and peace at St. Cecelia’s. I became a parishioner and began helping with Life Teen and EDGE. Since then, I was the Assistant Youth Minister and now the Youth Minister. 


I have a passion for teaching the faith through personal encounters with Christ. Working wiht 6th-12th graders, helping them learn more about Christ and His church can be a challenge but it is one I find so rewarding.


One of my favorite parts of this ministry is being able to be there when a teen has that encounter with Christ and begins falling more in love with Him and the Church. 

Contact me in the parish office at 727-447-3494 ext. 124.

Déjeme saber si necesitas ayuda. Gracias.

Meet the people who take care of our church and parishioners.

Rick Hern
Facilities and Maintenance Manager

As your Facilities and Maintenance Manager, it is honor to serve God and His people. 

Terry Suiters
Assistant MaintenaNce Manager

St. Cecelia has been my home since my birth in 1967. I was baptized, received my first communion and was confirmed here. In 1989 I married my wife Kelli here and since 2012 have been happily employed here. 

In such a great location, it’s my hope that when people come here they truly feel at ease. Thank you all for the privilege to serve this community.

We have a daughter, Ashli. This has been her home since 1999. As a family we have been blessed by serving in many ministries here and it has been amazing to watch this parish grow over the years. My hope is that all that visit here can feel like they are part of this family as well. God bless!  

Gloria Redding

Gloria is in charge of caring for our church, buildings and rectory, and makes sure they are kept neat and clean for parishioners and priests.

Rita Torres
Pastoral care at Morton Plant Hospital

At Morton Plant, I assist patients and their loved ones with pastoral care needs, such as anointing, prayer and blessings.

Please call Pastoral Care at 727-461-8048.

Brenda Eckes

Brenda helps in many ways, with cooking, housekeeping and maintenance to help take care of our priests,. She also helps keep our church and campus clean and safe for all visitors.