Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact at the parish to get more information?

Please call the parish office during regular business hours at 727-447-3494.

I am an active member of another Catholic parish in the diocese. Can I celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage at your church?

Yes, with specific requirements:

1) Meet with your pastor and receive permission to marry at a parish other than your own.

2) Your home parish is responsible for your preparation

3) We ask that one of your parish priests (or another priest of your choosing, e.g., a family friend) be the celebrant at the wedding ceremony if possible.

I am not currently registered at any parish. Can I register as a parishioner, so that I may have my preparations at St. cecelia?

Yes, but we encourage you to register and worship at the Catholic parish nearest to where you live. This allows your family to become active and involved in the life and ministry of that parish. That said, we do have parishioners located throughout our local area. If you have a desire to be active, contributing, and a part of our faith and ministry community, you are welcome to register with us. However, we do ask that you be a registered, active, and contributing member at St. Cecelia for a minimum of six months before contacting us about a desired wedding date.

We no longer live in the Tampa Bay area, but our parents and grandparents were married there, and we would love to also celebrate our wedding at St. Cecelia. Is that possible?

We try to accommodate all such requests. The requirements outlined above will apply.

Do you have a Pre-Cana Program at your parish?

The Pre-Cana courses are offered by the Diocese of St. Petersburg by calling 727-344-1611 or visiting

Do you have an organist available to play for our wedding?

Yes, our Director of Music is both an accomplished organist and vocalist. In addition, we have several Cantors who assist us from time to time. We can schedule them, along with the Organist, for your wedding.