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We are Life Teen!

What do we do?

St. Cecelia Life Teen is based around our 4:00pm Sunday Mass, which runs from September to May.  We gather for Eucharist, then are sent out to witness our faith. Immediately following Mass we come together to share a meal in the Life House, which is followed by what is called a Life Night.  What is a LifeNight ...This is a weekly event that allows teens to open the scriptures and teachings of the Church. They will dive into understanding what it is that we believe and how they as a high school student can live that out on a daily basis.  These nights are guided by the Youth Ministry staff and the Core Team (a group of faithful adults that share their lives and testimony with these teens). During each month we discuss Church teachings or Scripture, dive into teen-relevant issues, and also just have social nights for the teens to have lots of fun and really create those lasting friendships. We finish each night by 8:00pm. The cost is $80/year.


Cool Stuff?

Life Teen also does several events/trips: Junior Senior Winter Retreat - just the upper classmen; Spring Retreat, Camping trips, March for Life trip - open to all the teens.  We do some awesome activities over the summer too: Summer Camps, Mission Trips(domestic and abroad), Steubenville Conferences, Camping, Whitewater Rafting, Life Teen Leadership Conference.