- Altar servers - Adult and Youth

- Audio/Visual/Tech

- Church Art & Environment

- Church Cleaners

- Collections Counters

- Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

           in church /  at Morton Plant Hospital / Nursing Homes

- Funeral Ministry

- Lectors: Weekdays or Weekends 

- Men's Prayer Group

- RCIA / Catechcumenate 

          Hospitality - Cooks/Caterers,   Family

          Accompaniment /  Sponsors

Thank you for your desire to want to volunteer. If you're interested, please fill out the Volunteer Application forms - click below - and please turn in to the parish office.

We're open from 9am - 3pm, Monday - Thursday,

and Fridays 9am-12pm.  Or you can scan and email to adminasst@stceceliachurch.org.

- Religious Education

          Sunday School Teacher Aide or Substitute

          Family / Events Core Team

- Rosary Makers

- Sacristans

- SCIPS (Age 50+ Social Group)

- St. Vincent de Paul Society:  Call Lines,

          Computer Data Entry, Home Visitation

- Ushers / Mass Greeters

- Visitation:  Home or Nursing Home

- Women's Fellowship Group

- Youth Ministry - Middler School/

          High School/Young Adults

Are you interested in volunteering for any of these ministries?